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its_adeathwish's Journal

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Twinkle twinkle little bat!
How I wonder what you're at!...
Up above the world you fly
like a tea tray in the sky

... a mad tea party

* A B O U T *

Hi, we are Becky & Katie. We are twins, and we share this graphics journal, as well as our graphic community. We make our graphics together and separately, but post them together. We made our graphic community, noctislumina after we made this journal, but we still wanted to keep this as well. So feel free to add us as a friend and join our community. However, any requests or tutorials will be posted at noctislumina.

We love to write, and are currently writing a novel. We also love to bake, and have started our own baking business called Sugar Shock. Writing, reading, photoshopping, and baking are our favourite things to do. Music, books, and Japanese culture are some of our favourite things.

* R U L E S *

1. Blank icons are not bases, do not edit them.
2. Do not claim as your own or steal them.
3. Credit its_adeathwish or noctislumina.
4. No hotlinking !!!!!
5. Comment! [Its not a rule, but comments are fun !]

* L I N K S *

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